Chapter Leaders

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President Elect, Foundation Liaison
Professional Development Program
Immediate Past President
Saratoga Convention & Tourism Bureau
VP of Finance
New York State Council of School Superintendents
VP of Communications
Springhill Suites NY LaGuardia
VP of Membership
New York Physical Therapy Association
VP of Education
New York State School Boards Association
Director of Monthly Programs
Delaney Meeting and Event Management
Director of Marketing & Advertising
Courtyard by Marriott Saratoga Springs
Director of Membership
Director of Special Events
Paragon Events, Inc.
Chapter Administrator
The Saratoga Convention and Tourism Bureau
Director of Leadership Development
Schenectady County Community College
Director of Education
University At Albany
Director of Sponsorship

Open Opportunities

Open Volunteer Opportunities

Due to a vacancy we are actively seeking a new board member to fill the position(s) described below. Each of the open positions have a term of July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018. You would be appointed by vote of the Board of Directors and can reapply to be elected by the membership for the following term if desired. Click on each of their job descriptions and then contact the Past President or Dir. Leadership Development for information on getting more involved.

Former Chapter Leaders

Former Chapter Leaders

• Christine King, CMP, 2016-2017
• Heidi Longton, CMP, CMM, 2015-2016
• Linda D'Agostino, CMP, 2014-2015
• Debby Goedeke, 2013-2014
• Addy Waldie, CMP, 2012-2013
• Vanessa LaClair, CMP, 2011-2012
• Doug McPhee, CMP, CMM, 2010-2011
• Jack Roddy, 2009-2010
• Carrie Hillenbrandt, CMP, 2008-2009
• Mike Snyder, CMP, 2007-2008
• Judy Rucinski, CMP, 2006-2007
• Darryl Leggieri, 2005-2006
• Julie Ann Price, CMP, 2004-2005

• Kristina Catrambone, CMP, VP Education, 2015-2017
• Carla Rosenbaum, CMP, Director Monthly Program, 2016-2017
• Christine King, CMP, VP Education, 2014-2015
• Cassie Papandrea, Director Monthly Program, 2014-2015
• Tom Daubney, VP Education, 2012-2014
• Debby Goedeke, VP Education, 2010-2012
• Julie Ann Price, CMP, VP Education, 2008-2010
• Cindy Sullivan, CMP, VP Education, 2006-2008
• Pam Rafferty, CMP, PHR, VP Education, 2004-2006

• Theresa Wutzer-Moore, Director of Communications, 2016-2017
• Megan Higgins, CMP, HMCC, VP Communications 2011 - 2016
• Caroline Freeman, Director of Communications, 2015-2016
• Linda Roth, VP Communications, 2010-2011
• Vanessa LaClair, CMP, VP Communications, 2007-2010
• Robin Granger, VP Communications, 2006-2007
• Linda Nelson, CMP, VP Communications, 2004-2006

• Judy Rucinski, CMP - VP Membership, 2004-2005, and, 2014-2017
• Melissa Carter, Director of Leadership Development, 2016-2017
• Colleen Whitaker, Director of Membership, 2014-2017
• Jay Cloutier, Director of Leadership Development, 2015-2016
• Kelly Abbruzzese, VP Membership, 2011-2014
• Christine Cunningham, CMP, VP Membership, 2009-2011
• Gina Mintzer, CMP, VP Membership 2005-2009

• Steve Preston, VP Finance, 2014-2016
• Heidi Longton, CMP, CMM, VP Finance, 2013-2014
• Tim McCullough, VP Finance, 2007-2008, and, 2011-2013
• Addy Waldie, CMP, VP Finance 2009-2011
• Bevin Tracy, CMP, VP Finance, 2006-2007
• Mike Snyder, CMP, VP Finance, 2004-2006

Special Events:
• Renee Jenkins, Director of Special Events, 2015-2016
• Cassie Papandrea, Director of Special Events, 2014-2015

Strategic Development (retired position):
• Donna Johnson, VP Strategic Development, 2013-2015
• Linda D'Agostino, CMP, VP Strategic Development, 2011-2013
• Doug McPhee, CMP, CMM, Director of Strategic Alliances,2008-2009

• Mame Noonan, Director of Operations, 2016-2017
• Heather McElhiney, CTIS, Director of Operations, 2011-2013
• Cindy Sullivan, CMP, VP Administration, 2008-2012
• Ed Barone, VP Administration, 2006-2008
• Brigitte Connors, VP Administration, 2004-2006