Chapter Awards

2017 Chapter Awards

2017 Most Enthusiastic New Member Award
Atul Rai, Food & Beverage Shift Manager, Rivers Casino & Resort 

For your dedication and commitment to advancing the chapter’s goals.

2017 Most Valued Partner AwardBBL_Logo.jpgBBL Hospitality: Award Accepted by Carrie Hillenbrandt, VP of Sales and Marketing
For going above and beyond your partnership commitment.

2017 Volunteer of the Year Award
Jessica Williams, Senior Program Specialist, Center for Internet Security

For your dedication to the growth and development of the chapter.

Award Descriptions:

Most Enthusiastic New Member:
Selected by the Membership Team, this person will have dedicated time and made commitments to advance the goals and success of our chapter.

Eligibility: New Chapter Member within the last two years

Most Valued Partner: Going above and beyond the strategic sponsorship to enhance chapter communications, education, membership, and/or operations. Contributions made a significant financial impact.

Eligibility: Strategic partner with MPI NENY within the last 12 months

President's Award: The outgoing President selects a recipient of a special award aptly named the President’s award, at his/her discretion. This can be to recognize a member for their volunteer efforts, or have made a contribution to awareness, professionalism & growth of the meeting industry.

Eligibility: MPI NENY service, industry contributions, community service

Volunteer of the Year: The Awards Committee will select a Volunteer of the Year from eligible chapter members. This member will have shown dedication to the growth and development of the MPI NENY chapter.

Eligibility: Any chapter member who has volunteered at least 1 hour during 2014-2015. Board of Directors are excluded.

Most Enthusiastic New Member

Christina Marcello - 2016


  Most Valued Partner

  The Desmond Hotel and Conference Center - 2016

   CMI Communications – 2015


Volunteer of the Year

(formerly called Star of the Year)

 Glenn Cunningham - 2016

Cindy Sullivan, CMP - 2015

Gina Potfora, CMP - 2014




Trina Avalos, CMP – 2013

Brigitte Connors - 2012

Kim Partridge, CMP - 2011

Tracey Caponera - 2010


President's Award

2016 TBA in January 2017

Paul Boucher - 2015

Heidi Longton, CMP, CMM - 2014

Judy Rucinski, CMP - 2013





Linda Persico - 2012

Jack Roddy - 2011

Heidi Longton, CMP, CMM – 2010


Retired Awards

Professional Excellence in the Meetings Industry (also referred to as Supplier/Planner of the Year)

This award was given in recognition of outstanding association/industry contributions, leadership and professionalism.  Criteria was based on both international and chapter participation, such as but not limited to presentations relating to the industry, articles written for the hospitality industry, community service and external industry recognition. MPI NENY retired this award in 2015 to better focus on our chapter’s local success.



Jack Roddy - 2014

Kathy Denkenberger - 2013

Trina Avalos, CMP – 2012

Carrie Hillenbrandt, CMP – 2012

Donna Johnson, CMP, CMM – 2011


Sylvia Daigle – 2011

Eric DeYoung – 2010

Vanessa LaClair, CMP – 2009

Cindy Sullivan, CMP – 2009

Linda Nelson, CMP – 2008

Tracey Caponera – 2008


Making a Difference Award:

This award recognized members who made a difference for their organization or their community. With the last decade's economic challenges and worldwide tragedies, it served for a time to recognize individuals who made an ongoing effort to impact the community or organization on a social or economic level. MPI NENY retired this award in 2015 to better focus on our organization's mission.



Mame Noonan - 2014

Julie Ann Price, CMP - 2013



Leslie Miller – 2012

Laura Petrovic – 2011

Deborah Goedeke - 2010