MPI offers a number of scholarship opportunities to assist with the professional development of its Members.

Scholarships and other financial assistance opportunities are available through both MPI International and MPI Northeastern New York.

CMP Scholarship

CMM Scholarship

Membership Dues Scholarship

Click Here for additional information about the MPI Foundation Scholarship Program.

CMP Scholarships

The intent of the program is to provide a scholarship award (up to $550) to a member in good standing of MPI NENY. The member may use the scholarship reimbursement to cover personal out-of-pocket expenses of the application and registration so that the burden of individual contributions may be lightened, though not necessarily eliminated. Employer paid application fee or expenses are not included in the member reimbursement.

Goal:  The goal of the Scholarship Fund is to have members pursue professional development in the CMP program, which will benefit both themselves and the MPI NENY Chapter. Continued involvement and leadership in the MPI NENY Chapter is expected of Scholarship winners.

Obligation of the Applicant:  It will be the obligation and responsibility of the applicant to submit to the CMP Scholarship Committee an application and any additional information requested. Funds will not be available in advance, but will be reimbursed upon successful receipt of the CMP Certification. It is expected that scholarship winners will have attended CMP study groups and will participate in such groups as trainers in the future.

Who is Eligible:  Members in good standing of MPI NENY Chapter and have been involved in the Chapter for a six month period are eligible to apply for this scholarship. Applicants must have successfully completed the CMP application and passed the CMP exam.

Application Procedures and Deadlines:

  • Complete this application and submit within 45 days after taking CMP exam.
  • All personal out-of-pocket receipts must be included with the application.
  • Scholarship money will be reimbursed upon completion of the program and a CMP passing score is confirmed by CIC.
  • Scholarships may be awarded up to two times per year, depending on available funds and the quality and timing of the applications received.

    CMM Scholarships

    Scholarship opportunities are currently available through the MPI Foundation to offset the costs associated with pursuing this coveted designation.  Click here for more information.

    There are plans in the works to establish a CMM Scholarship through MPI NENY in the near future. Scholarship Fund donations are collected at every chapter event and special annual campaigns.

    Membership Dues Scholarship

    MPI NENY may be able to help offset the annual cost of joining MPI. This scholarship is intended for planner members only and is based on availability. 

    The planner will join MPI, set up a payment plan for bi-yearly payments, and pay the first half of the year.  The Planner is required to join a volunteer committee and participate in chapter activities.  When the scholarship is awarded, the chapter will pay the balance of the annual membership dues for the second half of the year.

    Planner members in good standing may contact the current VP of Membership for more information. The recipient(s) is selected by the Board of Directors based on chapter participation and available funds.

    You may also be interested in the membership scholarships for planners sponsored by the MPI Foundation. You can review and apply for a variety of scholarships on their site.